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American Airlines asks pilots to save fuel

It is scarce at small and medium-sized airports

The air carrier American Airlines asked its pilots yesterday, July 26, 2021, to save as much fuel as possible, a request that might seem unusual but has very specific reasons. Delays in deliveries of fuel itself at small and medium-sized airports are driving these stock shortages, which is why it may be necessary to add stopovers to certain air routes. 

According to reports from the American company, there is a lack of truck drivers and especially heavy vehicles for transport, a situation that particularly affects the western areas of the United States, but not only. Delivery delays should last until mid-August, so we are organizing ourselves to face a particular scenario. The aircraft, in fact, will take off with additional fuel on board in case of need, in addition to possible "unexpected" stops to refuel at the airports where it will be possible. The pilots have been warned in time and will be forced to take advantage of a number of fuel saving strategies, such as taxiing with only one engine running. Flight disruptions due to this shortage were defined as "minimal" and there would be no cancellation. The airline is carefully monitoring the progress of the affair, trying to minimize the impact of what happened on customers. Finally, there are constant contacts with the federal authorities and the operators of the oil pipelines to understand how long it will take before resolving the problem.

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