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USA: 1,200 billion dollars plan for airports, railways and roads

President Biden's announcement on Twitter

The latest announcement from the White House suggests a maximum infrastructure investment plan. As US President Joe Biden explained through his Twitter account, the country is preparing to experience a very intense period that will give life and impetus to the occupation, while modernizing the main infrastructures. According to reports from Donald Trump's successor, a bipartisan agreement has been reached regarding an investment package amounting to 1.2 trillion dollars. This is a program that will cover a period of 8 years. In addition, the new expenditure will be 579 billion dollars. Washington was very clear in presenting the initiative, referring to "the most substantial plan in a century now". The initial intentions were even much more ambitious, given that previously we mentioned 2 trillion dollars, so there has been a downsizing, but nothing detracts from the intentions to be implemented. Biden has assured that the works will not affect the tax burden of the stars and stripes, so they will not increase taxes. But what are the investments specifically referring to? The White House tenant aims to renovate and create roads, railways, airports and public transport in general, a revival in a big way after the difficulties experienced due to the crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. Other items that will be taken into consideration between now and 2029 will be social spending and, above all, training. Speaking of airports, 2021 started in the best way for the United States with the vaccination campaign that contributed, in March, to the achievement of a passenger record: it was 1.35 million passengers, a total that hadn't been registered for twelve months now.

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