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Isla Air Express, the company that give confidence to seaplanes

They would be used in Spain for people transport

Isla Air Express: this is the name of the Spanish company that manages some seaplanes, proposed for about three years as part of a project in the Balearic Islands. Now the time seems ripe for a further step, that of the sale of the first tickets. 2022 should be the right year for these operations, with the promise of flying in the Mediterranean. The partners are three, an investor and an entrepreneur, both of German nationality and who have experienced the same initiative in Croatia, and a Spaniard, to be precise a pilot with thirty years of experience.

For the moment, a sum of 8 million euros has been invested, money which is fundamental above all for the acquisition of two seaplanes. The scenario that the three partners have imagined in the most optimistic possible vision is the following: Isla Air Express wants to connect the seaports of Barcelona, Ibiza and Palma de Mallorca, then the network will be expanded from time to time. Currently seaplanes are used in Spain to tame forest fires, while there are no initiatives that have to do with civil aviation. However, countries like Denmark use the seaplane to transport tourists. Even in Miami, New York or the Maldives this means of transport is used very often. The initial objective of the Spanish company is to transport 45,000 passengers a year, limited to a first phase, but the hope is to reach around 200,000 people in a not too long time.

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