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European Parliament on export of vaccines from the EU to third countries

By Antonio Tajani (Ppe)

"Parliamentary questions

11 March 2021 

Priority question for written answer P-001394/2021 to the Commission Rule 138

Antonio Tajani (PPE) 

Subject: Export of vaccines from the EU to third countries

According to a Commission document, in February alone the European Union exported 34 million doses of EU-produced COVID vaccines to 31 countries around the world. To date, the main destinations have been Great Britain (9 million doses), Canada (3.9 million), Japan and Mexico (2.7 million), and Saudi Arabia (1.4 million).

In the US, the Defence Production Act has already been invoked. This is a mechanism which gives the federal government greater control over industrial production to enable adult US citizens to be vaccinated by the end of May.

According to data collected by OurWorldInData, the European Union is still lagging far behind all other major countries. Only 6.5% of Europeans have received the vaccine as opposed to 58% of Israelis, 33% of the British and 18% of Americans.

In view of the above:

1 Will the Commission publish its up-to-date statistics on vaccine exports?

2 What measures does it intend to take to speed up the vaccination of EU citizens?

3 Will it amend Regulation (EU) 2015/479 to limit the export of COVID vaccines and thereby to avert the risk that each government might act independently?

Last updated: 15 March 2021".

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