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China, works started for new and ambitious astronomical center

Construction is expected to finish in 3 years

Astronomical research is one of the many priorities that China wants to give importance to in this historical moment. A clear example of this is the new scientific center that will be built in the so-called “Greater Bay Area”, an Asian area that is included between the Chinese province of Guangdong, Macao and Hong Kong. It is a structure that will deal precisely with astronomy and which will be directed by the "Sut Yat-sen" University of Guangzhou, as announced by local media, which in turn reported some sources close to the university of the former empire heavenly.

Works just begun and are part of a much larger project; we are talking about the “Chinese Space Station Telescope” program, simplified with the acronym CSST and aimed at perfecting research in this sector. The telescope in question is also expected to be launched into orbit no later than 2024. In short, it will be a very helpful optical space observatory to Chinese scientists, and it will not be the only science center of its kind.

Three other similar ones are found in different areas of the country including the Yangtze River Delta region. A collaboration will then be activated with other scientists who deal with galactic cosmology and gravitational waves, without forgetting the various experiments to be conducted in the technological field. The works have just started and will most likely finish within three years.

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