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Israel, national "Air Force One" airplane will take off in two weeks

This aircraft will have the same functions as the American one

Only two weeks: it is not an infinite wait that Israel has to wait before seeing its Air Force One take off for the first time. It will be a B-767 of El Al Airlines that will be used only by prime ministers and presidents of this country, a bit like in United States. On the other hand, inspiration is not accidental and came directly from Washington; the nickname could only be "Israeli Air Force One", with the national colors of Israel, blue and white, obviously not forgetting the star of David impressed on the tail of aircraft. According to local media reports, the inaugural take-off will take place no later than the next 14 days. Other details of the aircraft are also known.

First of all, the Israeli B-767 has 19 years of flights behind it and has been in this country since 2016 after the acquisition by another national airline, the Australian Qantas. After a series of renovations and improvements, a year ago it came out of the hangar for the first time; the test flight dates back to November 2019, while the last took place in February this year, before the coronavirus pandemic upset any plan. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could be exploiting it during the inaugural connection, although nothing has yet been revealed about this upcoming appointment.

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