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Switzerland, voters approve increase in military aircraft

Yes prevailed for just under 10 thousand ballots

Yesterday, on Sunday 27 September 2020, Swiss citizens expressed their opinion on the increase in military aircraft (read also the article published by AVIONEWS). Swiss voters were asked to answer the question "Do you want to accept the federal decree of 20 December 2019 concerning the purchase of new fighter planes?" and in the end the yes won, even if by very little. In practice, expenditure of 6 billion Swiss francs (5.5 billion euros) to renew the national air force fleet was accepted. In fact, 50.2% of voters gave the green light to the operation, despite the polls had told a different truth; there has been talk several times in these days in Switzerland of a landslide victory of the more than probable yes and instead the difference was minimal.

Numbers speak clearly: the difference between two options was just 9,743 cards. On the other hand, if it's deepened the comparison between cantons, the electoral success was much clearer, with 18 federal states voting for increase and 8 against. The need for such a popular vote is explained by the strengthening of neutrality in the event of a crisis and the use of aircraft in addition to ground troops. In recent times (in 2014), the same voters decided to reject an order of 3.1 billion Swiss francs for the purchase of 22 Saab Gripen fighter jets (rejection sanctioned with 53.4% of the votes), as detailed by AVIONEWS.

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