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New Chinese satellite in orbit to monitor oceans

The aim is to form a constellation for civilian uses - VIDEO

Chinese program for monitoring oceans via satellite continues in a more than rapid manner. The March-4B rocket was launched in the north-west area of Asian country today, on Monday September 21, 2020, and its goal is to transport a fundamental technology. As reported by local media, this is the Haiyang-2C satellite, third of its kind for the Asian Nation. The dynamic environmental satellites are forming a network capable of monitoring, second by second, the situation of oceans and maritime environment in general.

The other two have been renamed by Beijing HY-2B and HY-2D ("HY" is precisely to identify the word Haiyang). Among other things, we are also talking about launch number 347 if you count all those who have had to do with Long March rockets. The goal is to create China's first ever civilian constellation, with an even more accurate observation of the seas, their temperatures and natural resources. HY-1C and HY-1D will be as precious as ever to provide the right support to other sectors, primarily meteorology and agriculture.

Below, the video of the launch:

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