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Second quarantine for Israel, new government measures

Here's how travel and air transport will change

Not all "primates" refer to positive situations. An emblematic case is that of Israel, first country in the world that made the second quarantine to combat Covid-19 official in these hours. It is a total of three weeks, even if the chosen period could be extended (obviously everything will depend on the future numbers of infections). Time frame chosen by Tel Aviv includes some important Jewish holidays that fall right in autumn, including Rosh haShana (one of the three religious New Years) and Simchat Torah (literally “joy of the Torah”). There are several restrictive measures, including a ban on moving from home of more than one kilometer, with possibility of going to parks and praying on the occasion of Yom Kippur at the end of September. Exceptions established to "break" the ban refer to work reasons, purchases of food and medicines, participation in funerals and judicial cases.

Another fundamental element is that of air transport. Among the various airports in the country, Tel Aviv's “Ben Gurion” international airport will be active according to the rules already established in recent weeks; the ban on foreign citizens entering must be respected, as envisaged since last March. If you do not comply with the restrictions decided by the Israeli government, there will be fines: 500 shekels (about 123 Euros) is the amount that will pay those who do not wear the mask, while one thousand shekels (246 Euros) is the amount established for exceeding the distances from the home and the maximum number of people allowed in a place.

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