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European Parliament. Question on Publicity article by the easyJet detrimental to tourism in Calabria-Italy

By Vincenzo Sofo (ID)

"Parliamentary questions    

23 June 2020    


Question for written answer to the Commission Rule 138

Vincenzo Sofo (ID) 

Subject: Publicity article by the airline easyJet detrimental to tourism in Calabria - Italy

It has been learnt from a press agency that the airline easyJet posted on its website an article advertising Lamezia Airport in Calabria that was highly offensive both to residents and to the whole of this region in southern Italy that abounds in history, traditions and natural beauty.

The advert links the lack of tourists to ‘its history of Mafia activity and earthquakes, and the lack of iconic sites such as Rome or Venice’, which is both libellous and detrimental to tourism in the area.

Behaviour like this by some airlines that use hard-driving slogans, sometimes giving offence as a result, is becoming ever more frequent.

This being so, can the Commission answer the following questions:

1 What action will it take to ensure that the practices of operators holding EU licences do not damage tourism in some Member States compared to others, and to protect consumer and passenger rights?

2 How will it promote and bring to the fore the attractions of outermost regions like Calabria that are difficult to reach, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis?

Last updated: 16 July 2020".

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