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Russia-Eritrea: agreement signed for two Ansat helicopters

Understanding occurred after the lifting of the sanctions

The military cooperation agreement between Russia and Eritrea was signed for the delivery of two Ansat helicopters (which means "easy" in Tatar), modified for the transport of personnel. The decision came after the lifting of the 2018 sanctions decided by the UN for the signing of peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

The Kazan Ansat is a multipurpose helicopter, produced by the Russian company Kazan Helicopter Plant, a rotary wing machine factory based in the Federal Republic of Tatarstan. Founded in 1933 as a woodworking company, the first aircraft put on the market by this industry was the Polikarpov Po-2 biplane in 1941. The production of helicopters began in 1951 with the development under license of the Mi-1, designed by Michail Leont'evič Mil.

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