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USA: SpaceX's "Crew Dragon" shuttle passed the test

Next step: in space with astronauts in Spring -VIDEO

Successfully passed the tests of the "Crew Dragon" shuttle of the aerospace giant SpaceX in Cape Canaveral in Florida: the platform has proven to be able to safely abandon the "Falcon 9" rocket in the event of any failure during shipment in orbit and is now ready to undertake the first flight with the astronauts scheduled for Spring 2020. After about a minute and a half from the start, the missile simulated a failure by switching off the engines: the eight capsule propulsion mechanisms immediately started operating, which they safely removed "Crew Dragon" which then disintegrated over the Atlantic Ocean. NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine has described the success of the verifications as "another extraordinary milestone in the agency's effort to restore the ability to launch men into space. However, there is still much to be done. We have the tests of the incoming parachutes and, of course, we will analyze the data". Elon Musk, founder and CEO of SpaceX expressed his enthusiasm: "It's fantastic, we can't wait to take the next step".

Below, a simulation video made by "Space X" on "Crew Dragon":

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