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Iran: the black boxes remain with us

"We have no plans to ship them to other countries"

Iran has reiterated its intention not to deliver the black boxes of the Ukraine Airlines plane shot down in Tehran by two missiles (see AVIONEWS). An Iranian civil aviation official Hassan Rezaifar said: "The black boxes of the Ukrainian plane mistakenly shot down by Iranian forces are in Tehran and we have no plans to ship them to other countries. We will attempt to examine the contents in Iran. In case if we decided to send black boxes overseas our options would be Ukraine or France, but a decision has not been taken yet in this regard".

On Friday due to serious national and international tensions in the Middle East, the Iranian supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei presided the great prayer in Tehran, in front of a huge crowd that began to gather from the early hours of the morning. In the past it had only done so in times of crisis and it hasn't happened since 2012.

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