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B-737 plane shot down in Iran: was it hit by two missiles?

And the nuclear deal is increasingly at risk - VIDEO

The thriller of the Ukrainian plane shot down in Iran is complicated: a second video would show that the B-737 would have been hit by two missiles and then crashed causing the death of 176 people. Iran initially denied any responsibility (see AVIONEWS) and then took a step back and recognized the "human error" made by a soldier (see AVIONEWS). Meanwhile, the Iranian nuclear deal is increasingly at risk. After the unilateral withdrawal of the USA and Trump's invitation to the other signatory countries to make the same (see AVIONEWS), Great Britain, France and Germany have launched the contestation mechanism foreseen by the Iranian nuclear pact (JCPOA - Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) for Tehran's failure to comply with the terms of the agreement. This was announced by the High Representative of the European Union's foreign policy, Josep Borrell. The three countries, which in 2015 had signed the agreement together with the United States, Russia and China, sent a message to the supervisor Borrell and informing him of the position taken. London, Paris and Berlin said that, "given Iran's actions" they were "left with no choice but to record concerns that Tehran is not meeting its commitments". The three States, however, have argued that they will not join the "maximum pressure campaign on Iran" promoted by the US administration: they would like to maintain the JCPOA and solve the problems through diplomatic confrontation.

Israel's concern is significant: according to local intelligence Tehran by the end of 2020 it may be able to produce the atomic bomb. "Israel will not allow Iran to obtain these weapons", announced Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu. Meanwhile protests continue in Iran and the initial "lies" of the authorities and the judiciary has made it known that it has made the first arrests including the author of the video circulated on social media in which an Iranian missile is seen at the moment in which hits Boeing.

Below, the first video that circulated on-line released by "New York Times" and "L'Obs":

RC3 - 1227067

AVIONEWS - World Aeronautical Press Agency