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B-737 plane crashed in Iran: companies think of anti-missile defenses

"C-Music" and the laser deflection of rockets in Israel -VIDEO

Following the shooting down of Ukraine Airlines' B-737 several companies are now thinking about the "C-Music" anti-missile device installed on the planes of Israeli carriers. The platform, attached to the fuselage, is able to "disorientate" the rockets and avoid the impact: equipped with a thermal imaging camera that identifies the heat trace of the missile and a pointer that shoots a laser capable of interfering with the system and deflect the path to detonate it at a safe distance. In 2014, in Israel, following the terrorist attacks, the "Sky Shield" security plan was activated according to which every plane of the Israeli companies destined to fly in high-risk areas should have installed an anti-missile device.

Before "C-Music", the system called "Flight Guard" was adopted in Israel, following an attempt to attack (fortunately without success) using "manpads" missiles fired on the shoulder against an Arkia aircraft in Mombasa, Kenya. However, "Flight Guard" was the subject of several controversies: Switzerland and the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) in the United States raised concerns about fire risks.

Below, a video on the "C-Music" project:

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