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Iran: "plane shot down by one of our missiles" and students protest in the square

Leaders' resignation requested. Protesters: "death to liars" - VIDEO

Iran has admitted: the Ukraine International Airlines B-737 plane crashed near Tehran (see AVIONEWS) was hit by a missile for a soldier's error. "After strongly rejecting the allegations of Canada that it claimed to have evidence of the shooting down of the aircraft (see AVIONEWS), the Islamic Republic says that the aircraft was mistaken for a US cruise and the military "had only 10 seconds to decide". General Amir Ali Hajizadeh said it, head of the aerospace division, the same as during the funeral of General Soleimani, killed by the Americans (see AVIONEWS) would have declared: "Launching a couple of missiles, hitting a base or even assassinating Trump will not be enough".

Even the students of Iranian universities took to the streets in disbelief that the government did not know the real causes of the disaster by chanting harsh slogans such as "death to the liars" with the request for the resignation of the leaders.

Below, an "Al Jazeera" report on the protests in Tehran in front of the "Amir Kabir" university, where a moment of recollection for the victims had been held just before:

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AVIONEWS - World Aeronautical Press Agency