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B-737 plane crash (4): found black boxes but Iran will not deliver them to Boeing

Tehran: "investigations are taking place in the country"

The two black boxes of the plane crash in Iran were found where a Ukraine Airlines B-737 crashed shortly after takeoff from Tehran "Imam-Khomeini" international airport causing the death of 176 people (see AVIONEWS) but Tehran will not deliver them to Boeing. The Civil Aviation Organization of Tehran has specified that "the investigations for the accidents must take place in the country where they happened", but has also made it known that the Ukrainian authorities "can be present during the investigations". Iranian experts will therefore examine the black box data that would both be damaged, but there should still be no impediments to the analysis of the information.

The "black boxes" (but orange in color) on board the aircraft are two: Flight Data Recorder (FDR), which records the parameters of a numerical nature relating to the last 25 hours of operation. The second is the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) which affects the sounds present in the cabin memorizing a period of time that can vary from the last half hour to the last two hours. The microphones pick up the communications between the pilots, with the air traffic controllers, with other staff present and all the environmental noises, including those that in the investigations can prove to be valuable for understanding the dynamics of the accidents.

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