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Iranian retaliation against US bases in Iraq: "It's not enough"

Over 80 dead and 200 injured

Iran's retaliation against the US has come after the killing of General Soleimaini (see AVIONEWS): at least 15 missiles have been launched against US bases in Iraq where the toll could be around 80 dead and 200 injured. The Revolutionary Guard said: "Large losses have been inflicted on numerous drones, helicopters and military equipment. About 104 targets from the United States and its local allies are under observation by Iran, and if Usa make a mistake, we will be ready to attack them. If Iran was to be hit on its territory Dubai, Haifa and Tel Aviv will suffer a third round of attacks by Iran. Even the Iranian supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, has threatened: "Iran has slapped the US with the missile attack on its military bases, but it is still not enough and the corrupt presence of the United States should end".

Meanwhile, crude oil prices jumped by 3.4% to 65 dollars, and gold, at 1600 dollars an ounce at the highest levels since 2013.

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