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Anniversary of the Nassiriya massacre

Two days from the attack to Italian militants in Iraq

Today it is the anniversary of the Nassiriya massacre. On November, 12, 2003 a tank truck stuffed with 150-300 kilos of explosives, driven by four "kamikazes", exploded in the "Maestrale" base in Iraq which housed the MSU (Multinational Specialized Unit). The balance was 28 victims and 19 of these were Italians, of which 12 were the policemen of the MSU (Enzo Fregosi, Giovanni Cavallaro, Alfonso Trincone, Alfio Ragazzi, Massimiliano Bruno, Daniele Ghione, Filippo Merlino, Giuseppe Coletta, Ivan Ghitti, Domenico Intravaia, Horatio Maiorana, Andrea Filippa); 5 Army soldiers (Massimo Ficuciello, Silvio Olla, Emanuele Ferraro, Alessandro Carrisi and Pietro Petrucci) and two civilians (director Stefano Rolla and Marco Beci). In the action also 19 policemen were injured and Aureliano Amadei an assistant director of Stefano Rolla. In all, the people involved in the terrorist action were 58.

The policeman Andrea Filippa, guarding the entrance of the "Maestrale" base, managed to kill the two suicide bombers, so much so that the truck did not explode inside the barracks but on the entrance gate, thus avoiding worse consequences. The first aid was provided by the police themselves, the new Iraqi police and the local civilians.

The hypotheses on the matrix are many: one track leads to al Zarqawi and the Sunni extremists, another to a Lebanese terrorist cell close to Al-Qaeda. It also investigates possible errors and omissions in the chain of command, but the judicial process is still ongoing.

An anniversary that comes after the attack on November 10, again in Iraq, claimed by ISIS, to the Italian soldiers who caused five wounded, two of them in serious condition (see AVIONEWS).

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