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Boeing and the "forum non conveniens"

The trial could take place in Indonesia

Boeing could resort to the "forum non conveniens" for judicial diatribes relating to fatal accidents in Ethiopia and Indonesia (see AVIONEWS). This is a doctrine according to which a court recognizes that another location may be for more factors more appropriate for carrying out legal procedures such as, for example, the country where the accident occurred.

Such a move would probably save Boeing many millions of dollars in damages. More than 100 Indonesian families who lost relatives in the Lion Air accident in October 2018 have filed a lawsuit in the Illinois federal court, where the aeronautical giant has its headquarters.

In similar cases the Indonesian courts have not demanded large reimbursements from companies. So, if the case were transferred to Indonesia, any amount you could pay would almost certainly be lower than in the United States. "Moving these cases out of the US would eliminate any possibility of responsibility for Boeing", said Sanjiv Singh, a lawyer representing 16 families. He said that such a strategy detracts from the value of Indonesian people's lives. "They do not consider these victims as Americans or Europeans", said Michael Indrajana, another defender.

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