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Tripoli-Mitiga airport reopened in Libya

Closed for two months due to the bombing

Today the Tripoli-Mitiga airport in Libya was reopened after two months of closure. The government of Libya, supported by the United Nations, reopened the airport after it was hit by an artillery attack on September 1st that caused a fire. Transport Minister Milad Matoq said: "The restoration of air connections depends on the air carriers and airport management companies. It takes time to reschedule flights that vary from a week to 10 days or two weeks".

The Libyan airport has often been targeted by continuous attacks by the forces of General Khalīfa Belqāsim Haftar (see AVIONEWS).

The second civil war in Libya broke out in 2014 between two rival coalitions: on the one hand the internationally recognized government, based in the eastern city of Tobruch and supported by the House of Representatives and the "Dignity" operation of General Haftar; on the other hand the management based in the capital Tripoli and supported by the "new General National Congress" and by the "Alba Libyan" coalition. In October of the same year, a third organization, the militants affiliated with the Islamic State (ISIS), took part in the war, taking control first of the city of Derna and then of Sirte. Starting in 2016, a peace agreement negotiated under the UN (United Nations Organization) led to the establishment in Tripoli of a new internationally recognized national government, but has not yet obtained the support of the general. Since 2016, a growing involvement of Western powers has seen the deployment of special forces and US bombings against the self-proclaimed Islamic State in Sirte.

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