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Syria suspected of using unconventional weapons from Turkey

Erdogan: "if the terrorists leave, the operation will end"

The Kurds suspect that Turkey is using unconventional weapons in Syria. The head of communication of the Syrian Democratic Forces (FDS) Mustafa Bali stated in a post on "Twitter": "Medical facilities no longer have expert teams after NGOs withdraw due to the Turkish invasion".

Turkish President Erdogan announced to the Kurdish fighters and leaders of other countries in the world: "If the terrorists leave the security zone, the operation 'Source of Peace' will end. No negotiation because it never happened in the history of the Turkey the State sit at the same table as a terrorist organization".

Today, Erdogan and US Vice President Mike Pence meet in Istanbul after a letter sent on October 9 by US leader Donald Trump: "We are working on a good agreement. You do not want to be responsible for the massacre of thousands of people, and I I don't want to be responsible for the destruction of the Turkish economy. General Mazloum is ready to deal with you, and to make concessions he has never made in the past. I confidently enclose a copy of the letter he wrote to me, as soon as I received it. History will look favorably on you if you behave in a just and human way" (see AVIONEWS).

Also today the meetings will begin in Brussels for the European Council, the EU institution that defines the priorities and general political orientations of the European Union. Composed of the heads of State or government of the member Countries and the president of the commission. it foresees the participation of the premier Giuseppe Conte who will also talk about the Syrian crisis: "Tomorrow I will discuss with the other leaders and member Nations of the EU to take all initiatives for a non-military solution".

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