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Turkey: air raid in Syria

USA: if Ankara crosses the line, I will destroy their economy

Following the announcement of the withdrawal of US troops from the Turkish border in yesterday's Syria (see AVIONEWS), the Ankara Ministry of Defense said it had completed preparations for an attack on Syria's northern Kurdish-Syrian Ypg militia (People's Protection Unit) and said that Turkey "will never tolerate the creation of a terrorist corridor along the border".

The United States has stated that it does not approve the initiative of the Turkish leader Recep Tayyp Erdogan to the point that the American president Donald Trump has posted on the social network "Twitter" : "If Turkey will go beyond the limit, I will destroy its economy". The US concern is that the Kurds could leave the prisons where ten thousand Islamic fighters are locked up.

Ankara launched yesterday evening an air raid against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) near al-Malikiyah, in the extreme north-east of Syria, near the border with Iraq, destroying two bridges and damaging a military base.

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