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North Korea: launch of two ballistic missiles

Japan and South Korea have made it known

This morning North Korea again launched two "Pukguksong" ballistic missiles from a submarine east of Wonsanuno. Japan and South Korea have announced that one of the two rockets ended up in Zee, Japan's exclusive economic zone off the coast of Shimane prefecture. Just yesterday, Pyongyang said that from Saturday October 5 negotiations with the United States for the denuclearization of North Korea would start again since the last meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-un.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that the launch of ballistic missiles violates UN Security Council resolutions and announced his intention to send a formal protest: "we will do everything to protect the safety of the population and we are in a state of maximum alert coordinating with the United States".

North Korea has been carrying out nuclear tests since May in a continuous escalation that has alarmed the international community.

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