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Su-57 jet fighter airplane makes a "flat spin"

The spectacular performance of a Russian combat aircraft -VIDEO

A pilot of a Russian Sukhoi Su-57 fighter plane managed to perform a "flat spin" during a training: it is not only a spectacular acrobatic figure, but also a technique that allows the airplane to change direction instantly. The fact that the Su-57 is able to perform such performances allows a serious advantage in the case of aerial combat.

Sukhoi Su-57, also known as Pak Fa or T-50, is a stealth, fifth generation multi-role jet fighter prototype with features developed for the Russian Air Force.
The engines have been designed to reach supersonic speeds without the use of post-burners. The model is also equipped with a three-dimensional vector thrust system that guarantees a very high maneuverability to the fighter.

Below, the video of the aircraft engaged in the "flat spin":

RC3 - 1224573

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