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Russia: Su-25UB plane crashes in the northern Caucasus

Both pilots saved themselves with a parachute

On September 3rd, the Russian Defense Ministry said that a Sukhoi Su-25UB bomber fighter plane crashed during a routine training flight near Budyonnovsk, Stavropol region. The two pilots are still missing although they should have managed to save themselves by jumping with a parachute. The plane did not carry ammunition and crashed during the "dead loop" in an unpopulated area without fortunately damaging structures or causing casualties.

The Sukhoi Su-25, code-named "NATO Frogfoot" or "Dod RAM-J" and nicknamed by the Soviet-Russian Armed Forces "Grach" ("crow"), is a ground attack and a close support aircraft designed by the OKB 51 directed by Pavel Osipovič Suchoj, developed in the Soviet Union at the end of the seventies and subsequently used mainly by the Voenno-vozdušnye sily SSSR (Vvs), the Soviet Union's Air Force, and by some Pact Nations Warsaw and pro-Soviet Air Forces.

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