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USA: it is the beginning of a new era for arms control

China promises retaliations if the United States deploys missiles

"It's beginning of a new era in arms control", the United States and Australia declared on Sunday August 4th, inviting Moscow and Beijing to sign new agreements with the possibility of extending the treaty "New Start "(Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) aimed at limiting or decreasing the arsenals of weapons of mass destruction: a very high number of such weapons poses a serious danger of complete destruction of the planet.

An affirmation that comes after the August 2 release of the US from the "Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty" (see AVIONEWS) which was signed in Washington on December 8th 1987 by Ronald Reagan and Michail Gorbachev to ask Intermediate-Range Nuclear Missiles Installed by USA and USSR on European territory. Already the day after, Mark Esper, the US defense secretary, declared his intention to deploy as soon as possible medium-range missiles in the Asia Pacific region.

The situation has naturally alarmed China that has promised retaliations if the United States deploys the missiles: already on July 26, Beijing, in its white paper (see AVIONEWS) had accused the United States and its allies of undermining global stability with their presence military, and warned that the Asian country is ready for war if there were declarations of independence from Taiwan, supported by the US (and its main supplier of weapons): "Washington has provoked and intensified competition between the main countries of the world, it has significantly increased its defense costs, increased nuclear, space, Information technologies and missile capacity and it has therefore compromised global strategic stability".

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