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NATO. Stoltenberg closes the possibility of nuclear missiles in Europe

It should not be a theme of the meeting in Brussels

In the NATO summit between the Defense ministers of all 29 member countries of today and tomorrow (13-14 February) in Brussels should not be touched on the issue of the deployment of Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missiles (IRBM) in Europe by United States. This was confirmed by the secretary general of the Atlantic Alliance Jens Stoltenberg to the local press, who explained how NATO is preparing for a world without the INF Treaty but has ruled out that it will be a topic debated in the ministry.

Probably, however, we will not talk directly about the future deployment of nuclear missiles, but we will begin to lay the groundwork for what will be the general strategy of NATO at the time when the treaty signed between the United States and the former Soviet Union in 1987 it will cease to exist. Especially because Stoltenberg said that "it will serve to maintain effective deterrence from Russian missiles and all future choices will be taken in a coordinated way". The objective of NATO and, above all, of European countries is to avoid the deployment of missiles and to resume control of the proliferation of armaments, a vision that will be reaffirmed in the Munich Security Conference, which will take place from 15 to 17 February.

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