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Russia: denial of missile technology sharing with Iran and North Korea

Accusations arrived several times from Washington

Interviewed by "Sputnik", the director of the Russian Foreign Ministry's Department for Non-Proliferation and Control of Arms Vladimir Yermakov denied any possible rumors concerning the supply of missile technologies to Iran in compliance with the resolution of the UN Security Council United. But Yermakov added that this does not forbid Iran to "develop, produce, test and launch ballistic missiles or space carriers". The point is that Russia is in discord with the United States that, since the victory of Donald Trump, is pressing for the nuclear treaty with Tehran to be amended so that it can also be extended to missiles. Contrasting with Washington is also on the theme of North Korea, since Moscow has been accused on several occasions of having shared with Pyongyang the technologies to be able to build intercontinental ballistic missiles on its own; a reconstruction that has found a dry denial of Yermakov, although it remains difficult to imagine how the Korean regime has succeeded by itself -as Iran- to reach these capabilities without having any external help. At the same time it is obvious that denied come from Moscow, especially at a time when the tension with Washington is rising to cold war levels, after Trump decided to withdraw the United States from the INF treaty accusing Russia of having violated it by producing missiles ballistic with intermediate range.

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