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UK: HMS "Queen Elizabeth" will be sent to the South China Sea

Start of the "post Brexit" policy announced by Williamson

The first mission of the British aircraft carrier HMS "Queen Elizabeth" will be in the South China Sea, where it will be deployed as soon as it is considered fully operational. A very significant decision in terms of foreign policy, which is added to the statements of the defense secretary Gavin Williamson who explained that it could be used -together with the armed forces- to counter threats from China and Russia. The official announcement of the first mission according to the British press will arrive today, but there are already leaked rumors about the route that will follow and the deployment of aircraft that will be on board. In fact, the "Queen Elizabeth" will make a first stop in the Mediterranean and a second in the Middle East, and then head to Southeast Asia from where it will sail to the South China Sea, carrying about 24 F-35B aircraft (both British Navy that of the US marines) and helicopters in an anti-submarine version and search and rescue.

A mission that will also have another key to understanding, because as repeatedly stated by Williamson after "Brexit", the London government will aim to increase its presence on a global scale in terms of both political and economic terms and the military. The dispatch of the new aircraft carrier in one of the most contested areas of the planet will reaffirm the ability of the United Kingdom to project itself on the seas of the whole world, as well as tighten the already strong bond with the United States committed to hinder the expansionist aims of the China on the area.

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