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NASA: Rogozin's visit to the United States canceled

Congressional political pressures win

The visit in the United States by the director of the Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos) Dmitry Rogozin will not be carried out and to explain it was the director of NASA Jim Bridenstine during an interview at the "Washington Post". The reason is that many senators and deputies were opposed to the elimination, albeit temporary, of the name Rogozin from the list of unwelcome people in the United States, despite the efforts made by the top of the US space agency so that this meeting could be made possible, important to continue cooperation in future programs as well as to allow the Roscosmos director to meet the leaders of the major companies operating in the space sector.

A decision that could have repercussions on the relationship between the two agencies, even if NASA spokesperson Megan Powers has made clear -said to "CNN"- that "Russia is a key partner for the United States in space". The political pressures of deputies and senators from both the Republican and the Democratic parties prevailed, leading to the cancellation of Rogozin's visit.

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