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AVIONEWS at Cybertech (2). Tofalo: "Italy must have a leading role in the Tempest"

The British program offers the opportunity to acquire skills - VIDEO

Today and tomorrow the event "Cybertech Europe 2018" takes place in Rome, the world's IT security event with the participation of the leading IT companies in the world and a large number of start-ups, to which is added the presence of Leonardo -the event organizer- representing one of the leading companies on the entire cybernetic scene. The event (see news AVIONEWS) was opened by the managing director of Leonardo Alessandro Profumo, who intervened to point out both the progress made and the challenges and objectives of the future aerospace company and Italian defense that invests many economic resources for the research and design of systems able to prevent cyber attacks. Appropriations that could increase through state funding, necessary both to implement the skills already acquired, and to follow up the words of Minister of Defense Elisabetta Trenta who would like to dedicate 2% of GDP to the costs for cyber security.

Finally, AVIONEWS was able to interview Undersecretary of Defense Angelo Tofalo, who stressed that "Europe has done little in cyber field since the various member countries of the EU have moved inhomogeneously". The goal of the defense industry in general should be to "succeed where the Euro has failed, creating a solid foundation for a political union", and Italy "must be the protagonist of this industrial integration, since that there are many programs that allow us to use our know-how and strengthen the Italian position". One of them is the British one for the development of a sixth generation aircraft, an occasion that for Tofalo "should not be lost, and Italy must enter the Tempest program having a leading role.The Government -assured the undersecretary- will everything to support our companies in this task". The "Brexit" will not scare him and will not scare Leonardo because "he must be more and more open to global markets, becoming the leader in Europe also thanks to the increase in technological knowledge and programming deriving from the latest generation armament projects, avoiding for fifth generation programs", Tofalo ended.

Below the video of the event and the interview:

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