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Libya: the Tripoli-Mitiga airport reopens

It was found a ceasefire agreement

After the clashes in Tripoli that caused at least 50 dead and 138 injured and that had also led to the closure of the Tripoli-Mitiga airport, it was found an agreement between the government forces and the rebel forces. Announcing the truce was the United Nations Mission in Libya (UNISMIL) which coordinated the ceasefire negotiations; preliminary to a Conference on Libya to be held in Italy in November and which will serve to try to find a general agreement among the forces in the field.

As a consequence of this truce the al-Sarraj government has decided to reopen the airport of Tripoli since the situation has come back under control and the damage suffered by the structure does not make normal flight operations dangerous, that pending the reopening of the airport they were carried out on Misrata.

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