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Italian ENAC on cancellation of Cabo Verde Airlines flights

The Authority revokes authorization to operate the carrier

Enac has warned the airline of the sale of additional tickets from the date of 20 July

ENAC, Italian Civil Aviation Authority, announces that "In consideration of the flights cancellations arranged in recent days by the Cabo Verde Airlines, which caused inconvenience to hundreds of passengers with scheduled flights to Cape Verde, the National Civil Aviation Authority has revoked the carrier's licenses to operate on national airports.

The Authority has asked the Cape Verdean airline to have a list of the riprotections of the passengers involved and has warned it to sell additional tickets from today, on July 20.

The same ENAC also wrote to the counterpart Authority for Civil Aviation of Cape Verde asking for information on the situation of the carrier and an intervention on the same to solve the situation of hardship that has arisen, also in consideration of the current Summer season.

It also activated contacts with the Brazilian consulate to follow the riprotection of passengers, in light of the fact that many people booked on cancelled flights would have continued their journey to Brazil.

In particular, the Authority will continue to monitor compliance with the relevant Community Regulation, number 261/2004, not only with regard to the redeployment of passengers already with tickets, providing, more generally, all the necessary information to the users, but also to the eventual refund of the cost of the ticket and of the payment of the pecuniary compensation, where due, from the airline to the involved passengers".

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