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War Israel: operation begins in Rafah

Tel Aviv armed forces aim to control vital crossing on the border with Egypt

The Israeli armed forces started the military operation to conquer the Rafah crossing tonight. It is a strategic corridor on the border between Egypt and the Gaza Strip. According to numerous experts on international affairs, Tel Aviv could not have left those territories without first taking control of the Palestinian side of the crossing, through which armaments, humanitarian aid and commercial supplies of all kinds pass.

"A ground invasion in Rafah would be intolerable, due to its devastating humanitarian consequences and its destabilizing impact on the region". "Today I made a very strong appeal to the government of Israel and the leadership of Hamas to make a further effort to materialize an agreement that is absolutely vital. It is an opportunity that cannot be missed", is the comment of the secretary general of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres.

On the same line, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell: "The Rafah offensive has restarted, despite all the requests from the international community, from the United States, from the Member States of the Union European Union, all those who ask Benjamin Netanyahu (Israeli Prime Minister, Ed) not to attack". "I fear that this will cause many more victims, civilian victims", because "there are no safe areas in Gaza".

With the military operation in Rafah, Israel aims to break the political-military control of the Palestinian group Hamas in the Gaza Strip. According to Tel Aviv intelligence, in fact ''the Rafah crossing in the eastern part was used for terrorist purposes''. Although Israel speaks of a ''precision'' operation, the international community fears another carnage and a humanitarian disaster.

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