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Indonesia: volcano erupts, airport closed

At the moment over 6000 people have already been evacuated

The "Sam Ratulangi" international airport in Manado, a city located more than 100 kilometers from the Ruang volcano, is closed. New stop to takeoffs and landings in Indonesia due to the resumption of strong eruptive activity today, Tuesday 30 April 2024. Local media have announced that over 6,000 people have currently been forced to abandon their homes.

The airport's management company closed the infrastructure "due to the spread of volcanic ash which could jeopardize the safety of flights", said Ambar Suryoko, director of the port and airport authority of the Manado region, where it is located the stopover.

The international airport is closed and the alert level is maximum throughout the area. According to the national volcanology agency, Ruang has erupted about ten times this month and the activity has not yet ended. In the skies above the islet of Thulandang, north of the large island of Sulawesi, a column of smoke about 5 kilometers high is visible.

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