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Israel: soft attack against Iran

UAV against military base; Tel Aviv's response after sending drones from Tehran

Israeli attack tonight against Iran. Explosions and drones in flight have been reported near the Iranian city of Esfahan, in the central part of the country, where a military air base was hit. Tel Aviv had warned the United States of the impending raid, ensuring that it would not hit nuclear sites. According to some international affairs experts, with this "soft" response Israel intends to end the tension with Tehran.

"Our compatriots are safe. I spoke with our ambassador to Iran and I am following the developments of the situation following the night explosions in Esfahan. We will talk about it with the foreign ministers at the G7 session in Capri. At the moment there are no critical issues for Italians living in Iran", declared the Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajani

This is Tel Aviv's retaliation after the attack conducted by Iran over the weekend, with hundreds of drones and missiles sent against Israeli territory, neutralized by the Iranian "Iron Dome" defense system and by interceptor planes from Tel Aviv and of allied countries. Israel's response against Tehran came on the birthday of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

The Jewish State's raid would therefore be "a signal to Iran that Israel has the ability to strike it within its territory". A "limited" attack also at the request of US President Joe Biden, who asked not to increase tension in the Middle East. Tehran announced that it had shot down three drones over the city of Esfahan. Iran has reopened its airspace. The prediction is that Tehran will not respond. 

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