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Middle East crisis (2). "Honest Promise": operation concluded

Moves and countermoves in a delicate Middle Eastern area

General Mohammad Bagheri, chief of staff of the Iranian armed forces, recently confirmed the conclusion of the operation called "Honest Promise" (see AVIONEWS). This military action led by Tehran was initiated as a direct response to what was perceived as an escalation of tensions by Israel, described by the Iranian regime as crossing certain "red lines". Bagheri therefore stated that the operation has successfully achieved all the objectives set and is now considered concluded.

The Iranian response occurred through the launch of approximately 300 drones and missiles aimed at Israel. This massive attack was triggered in retaliation for the military action that led to the destruction of the Iranian embassy in Damascus on April 1st, an event during which General Mohamed Reza Zahedi, a senior officer of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, lost his life, and claimed other victims. Despite the large deployment of offensive means, no casualties have been reported following the Iranian offensive against the Israeli State.

Tensions in the area remain high, with the world closely observing the moves of the protagonists in this delicate confrontation. The conclusion of the "Honest Promise" operation, as announced by Tehran, could represent a moment of reflection in the spiral of reprisals that has characterized recent interactions between Iran and Israel. The situation continues to be closely monitored by international analysts, given its potential influence on regional stability in the Middle East.

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