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Middle East crisis. After Iran's attack on Israel, there is apparent calm...

Hagari, Israeli Defense Forces: "99% of threats intercepted". Bagheri, Iran: "Operation concluded" -VIDEO

Among the targets is the Israeli air base of Nevatim "from where the F-35 planes took off to target our consulate in Damascus", underlines the Iranian general

After learning the news yesterday evening on the launch of Iranian remote-controlled aircraft (UAVs, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) towards Israeli territory, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated: "Our defensive systems are deployed; we are ready for any scenario, both defensively and offensively, we have established a clear principle: whoever harms us, we will defend them from any threat and we will make so with clarity and determination". Today, following the deliberations of the Security Cabinet and the War Cabinet, the Prime Minister had a telephone conversation with the President of the United States Joe Biden.

Also today, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, spokesman for the Israeli IDF, declared: "Yesterday evening Iran carried out an attack against Israel, launching over 300 threats of various types (around 300 drones and missiles, Ed notcie) The Iranian threat clashed with the air and technological superiority of the IDF, together with a strong fighting coalition, which intercepted the vast majority of threats launched towards Israeli territory: a very significant strategic result".

These are echoed from Tehran by Major General Mohammad Bagheri, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, announcing the end of the "Honest Promise" operation: "This was successfully completed and reached everyone its objectives. The reason on it was the crossing of the red lines by the Zionist regime". Among the successful objectives was the Israeli air base of Nevatim, from where the F-35 planes took off to target our consulate in Damascus" on April 1st, concluded the general. We remember that in the air attack on the diplomatic headquarters General Mohamed Reza Zahedi, a leading figure in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, also died in Damascus.

Below, the video of the Israeli Defense Forces with Hagari's statements.

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