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Iranian drones towards Israel, which closes its airspace

High safety measures. Türkeye, Jordan and Lebanon also close their airspace

In response to the imminent risk posed by advancing drones from Iran, Israel has made the decision to halt all activity in its airspace. This precautionary measure, which marks an act of significant importance in the context of national aviation security, will be effective starting from 00:30 local time, corresponding to 11:30pm in Italy.

The choice reflects the growing tension in the region and the critical importance the State of Israel places on protecting its airspace from potential threats. This temporary suspension of flights is indicative of the risk assessment associated with UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) that are heading towards the State.

An uncommon defense measure by Tel Aviv which underlines the criticality of the situation in an increasingly complex geopolitical scenario. "The competent Israeli authorities will carefully monitor the evolution of the situation, ready to adapt their strategies according to future developments". The commitment to safety and the readiness to respond are maximum.

The fact that Turkey, Jordan, and in these moments even Lebanon have closed their airspace is interpreted as a desire not to be involved in what could mark the beginning of a further conflict.

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