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Israel: Italy defends peace

Prime Minister Meloni's message to Italian soldiers in Lebanon

Italy is committed to defending peace in the Middle East. This is the message reiterated in recent hours by the President of the Italian Council of Ministers, Giorgia Meloni, in a speech to the Italian contingent in Lebanon at the "Millevoi" base in Shama, part of the Unifil (Interim Force in Lebanon) mission of the United Nations. Meanwhile, the Rome Executive has invited Tel Aviv not to continue the military operation in Rafah, in the south of the Gaza Strip.

"You are not there during the holidays with your family, you are not there for your friends, your boyfriends and girlfriends, wives and husbands: you give up everything to guarantee that peace, especially at this moment, fill their mouths with sitting comfortably from the sofa of their home. Because peace is not built with feelings and good words, peace is above all deterrence and commitment, sacrifice", said Italian Prime Minister Meloni.

"I am here above all to say thank you, to say thank you on behalf of Italy for choosing to wear the uniform". The Italian Prime Minister expressed "gratitude for the commitment to protecting peace and security". "These are difficult days in the Middle East, in Europe, on a global level: when there is a fire the risk is that the flames fly from one tree to another and that the fire cannot be put out. You are the barrier of sand which helps keep the fire from progressing".

Meanwhile, the Israeli military's advance towards the south of the Gaza Strip continues: Tel Aviv's bombs on Rafah have caused 76 victims in the last 24 hours, while Lebanon has launched at least 10 rockets towards Israel. The Italian Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajani, spoke on the issue: "We ask Israel, a friendly country, not to continue the military action in Rafah". "I hope he understands that it would be a mistake, there would be too many civilian victims. It is clear that Hamas uses all the tools to create hatred towards Israel in the Arab world, it has done appalling things. The Tel Aviv government has fallen into the trap: we must stop fighting, freeing Israeli hostages and bringing aid to civilians" in Gaza. 

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