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Israel: ceasefire resolution up for vote

Ultimatum from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the USA

A new draft for the ceasefire in the war between Israelis and Palestinians in the Gaza Strip is up for vote. The document, drawn up by the non-permanent members of the Glass Palace, is currently being submitted to the Security Council of the United Nations in New York. These are the demands: immediate ceasefire, unconditional release of the hostages, free access to humanitarian aid. The text could get the green light from the United States.

The Israeli newspaper "Times of Israel" announced that if the US does not block the resolution in the Security Council, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will cancel the mission of his diplomats to Washington, in which the Biden administration will propose alternative actions to the large-scale military operation that the Tel Aviv forces are conducting in Rafah.

In detail, Israel does not accept that the ceasefire is conditional on the release of the hostages. A formula which, after having received support from China and a group of Arab countries, could also have support from Washington. Netanyahu, however, clearly reiterated that the Israelis will enter the city of Gaza "with or without the support of the United States".

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