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Ukrainian war: Italy confirms support

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni illustrates the plan in Parliament

The War in Ukraine, the support given to Kiev by Italy and the aims of the Atlantic Alliance. These are some of the issues addressed today by the President of the Italian Council of Ministers, Giorgia Meloni, during her speech in the Chamber of Deputies in which she communicated to Parliament the issues that will be addressed in the next meeting of the European Council. 

"It is difficult for Ukrainians to sit down for peace with those who have systematically violated the agreements signed in the past for peace. There is a problem": the risk of "negotiating a peace that someone will not respect. The agreements on guarantees of security, which Italy and other countries are doing with Ukraine, create a precondition", declared the Italian Prime Minister. 

"I think that objectively it is not sustainable -she added- the thesis according to which the position of the Italian Government in front of the world is not clear on the subject of Ukraine: I think it is clear to everyone, except for some within this chamber, that thanks to the fact that there is a centre-right majority in the Government, Italy is a nation that respects its commitments. We cannot say that it would be the same if the current opposition were in the Government".

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