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Russia-Ukraine: CIA-Kiev relationship has become essential

Activated various intelligence bases, including 12 on the border with Russia

The relationship between Kiev and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the federal spy agency of the United States, has become increasingly stronger and essential for Ukraine in these two years of war resulting from the Russian military invasion. In addition to the training of Kiev's special units, the agreement is combined in many ways: the management of a network of secret bases in the Ukrainian forest, underground bunkers, support for the planning of military operations. 

This was underlined by the US newspaper "New York Times", revealing that spy bases in Ukraine have been built over the last eight years (since 2012), including 12 located near the border with Russia. This has over the years made Kiev one of Washington's most important intelligence partners, which aims to limit the Kremlin's influence in Europe. 

The basis of the collaboration between Kiev and Washington dates back to 2014: President Viktor Yanukovych had just been removed and the new head of Ukrainian intelligence, Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, asked the CIA and M16 (UK intelligence) to help him rebuild the Kiev spy agency. Shortly thereafter, Russia invaded Crimea. In the same year, Washington's spies helped Kiev discover that the Malaysia Airlines plane shot down in Ukraine was Moscow's work. In 2016, "Unit 2245", the elite Ukrainian spies, was created. With the outbreak of war in February 2022, the CIA-Kiev relationship became essential.

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