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Aircraft and traffic: FAA accelerates selection of ATCs

Fewer qualifications and training for new hires, the focus is on beginners and experience

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been trying for months to solve the problem of the shortage of air traffic controllers. However, initiatives adopted by the authority have made some experts in the aviation sector turn up their noses. The latter have raised doubts, in particular, about flight safety resulting from the reduction in training hours, aimed at accelerating the provision of these professionals.

This is an almost obligatory choice, that of the FAA, made necessary by a report from the National Airspace System Safety Review which predicted a real crisis in the sector, caused by the lack of personnel. The authority has therefore decided to purchase new simulators, build more training centers, and reduce the amount of training for newly hired air traffic controllers, to make way for training beginners.

Today in the United States the situation is so serious that to be selected you no longer need a degree as a requirement, preferably from the Air Traffic-Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI), but you just need to be under thirty years old and have a training background in sector that is convincing. The result? Fewer guarantees for students and therefore fewer enrolled in university courses in the sector. This is the reason for the concern of some experts: it could work, if it is not a cynical attempt to satisfy a political agenda.

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