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Israel (2): Tel Aviv airport stormed

Travellers flock to airports in an attempt to leave the country and return home

Hundreds and hundreds of travellers are crowding the "David Ben Gurion" international airport in Tel Aviv these days in an attempt to leave Israel and return to their homeland, due to the escalation of violence in the Middle East between Israelis and Palestinians. To date, over 40 airlines have cancelled scheduled flights to and from the capital's airport. Passengers are facing long queues and inconvenience due to numerous cancelled flights. 

Several passengers told journalists about the odyssey they are experiencing. "People are just scared and trying to get out of Israel", one lady told "Business Insider". Two American spouses echo her: "United Airlines cancelled our flight. On Monday, a travel agent booked a ticket to Madrid, but during the shuttle ride to the airport we received notification that Iberia had cancelled our flight. When we arrived, the queues almost reached the door of the airport". 

Journalists present at the "David Ben Gurion" international airport in Tel Aviv described dramatic scenes: "Hundreds and hundreds of frustrated passengers. People crying. Many families are simply sitting on the floor of the terminal, waiting. Long queues everywhere. There there are many people confused and uncertain about where to go and what to do". 

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