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Russia: presidential aircraft fleet in difficulty

For sale refurbished Tu-204 and Tu-214 aircraft over 20 years old

Russia's Special Flight Detachment, the office responsible for the air transport of senior state officials, appears to be offering national airlines the opportunity to acquire some unused aircraft from the presidential fleet. These would be aircraft taken out of service and reconditioned, that is restored and placed in an airworthy condition, allowing their use to operate commercial scheduled flights. 

It was reported by the Russian economic newspaper "Kommersant", according to which two Tu-204 and Tu-214 aircraft which have over 20 years of service are already on sale. The reconditioning of these obsolete aircraft is a costly procedure which is estimated to exceed 38 million euros. However, this would allow commercial companies to have working planes, as an alternative to the shortage of spare parts for Western-made aircraft such as Boeing and Airbus. 

Also according to rumours, the Russian company Red Wings Airlines, based in Moscow, would be in the front row for the purchase of these refurbished aircraft. In this specific case, the Tupolevs would become part of a mixed fleet made up of eight A-320s and A-321s, three B-777s, thirty Sukhoi Superjets and three Tu-204s.

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