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Aircraft and safety. USA: FAA invests in prevention

Initiatives against "unexpected incursions" on runways - VIDEO

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has communicated the allocation of over 100 million dollars to a dozen airports. The aim is to strengthen the air accident prevention mechanism. The funds will be used to build new taxiways, to renovate asphalt and signs, to install lighting systems that help pilots to conduct aircraft in the best possible way.

"Sometimes the best technology is the most practical. That's why part of what you're doing is building these End Around Taxiways (EAT) taxiways that result in one less potential point of conflict when an aircraft lines up", Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg explained yesterday.

This decision comes after a worrying series of near collisions was recorded in the first months of the year in America, due to "unexpected incursions" of aircraft and vehicles into the runways assigned to departing and arriving. There are about 550 fro January to April (530 in the same period last year). Among the most financed airports are the international airports of Tucson (33 million dollars) and San Diego (24 million).

Below, the video explaines what a End Around Taxiways (Eat) consists of:

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