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Amsterdam Airport cuts number of flights

Drastic measure causes environmental pollution caused by global warming

The Dutch government's plans to reduce Co2 emissions will force Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport, one of Europe's busiest, to limit the number of international passenger-carrying air connections. It is a decision announced these days, with the aim of reducing the climate footprint of the Netherlands, an initiative that worries carriers.

"The maximum CO2 emissions set for each airport will apply for several years. So that exceeding them in one year can be compensated for in subsequent years". So Schiphol could spread the flight reductions over several years. "This political choice will help the country achieve its decarbonisation goal. The government will listen to all the social" parties, explained the Dutch transport ministry, Mark Harbers.

Words that do not reassure air carriers. The Dutch national airline KLM has recently expressed its concern: "We believe that aviation sustainability policies should be regulated as much as possible at an international level. Being the only country in the world to establish a national ceiling of Co2 does not correspond to an industry that operates internationally".

Today air transport accounts for about 2-3% of global pollution causing global warming. For this reason, aviation has always been targeted by those who have to comply with international climate standards. Now, however, KLM has launched legal action against the Dutch government, after the protests of recent months together with the American airline Delta Air Lines and the British easyJet.

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