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A Lufthansa puts A-380 aircraft back on the runway

By the end of 2023 four planes will be in service on transatlantic routes

The German aviation group Lufthansa puts the A-380 aircraft back on the runway. The aircraft will return to service starting June 1, 2023, after a three-year stop. This decision was dictated by the need to more efficiently manage the strong travel demand from passengers. A phenomenon that will continue to intensify as the summer high season approaches. Bookings starting from 23 March 2023.

"Due to the significant increase in the demand for airline tickets and the delay in the delivery of the ordered aircraft, Lufthansa had decided in 2022 to reactivate the A-380, which is particularly popular with passengers and crews", the company explained in a statement.

The aircraft will begin operating daily flights on the transatlantic route between Munich and Boston (flight LH424). In July, a second A-380 will begin connecting New York's "John Fitzgerald Kennedy" International Airport (LH410) daily. By the end of 2023 there will be four aircraft in service. With 509 seats, the superjumbo offers four travel classes: 8 seats in first class; 78 in Business; 52 in Premium Economy; 371 seats in Economy.

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